The Atlanta Sports Complex is a multi-entertainment, recreational sports facility that also focuses on corporate service offerings such as innovative programs for leadership development, employee training, team-building activities, leadership retreats, health and wellness, and dedicated meeting space for small to large companies. ASC’s core programs foster seasonal recreational sports leagues/tournaments for youth and adults and those seeking to participate in competitive sports leagues/tournaments. ASC will also partner with area orthopedic physicians and sports trainers to house a urgent care, sports rehabilitation and sport-specific training center.Atlanta Sports Complex will promote event hosting for a variety of activities including concerts,graduations, job fairs, sporting and special needs events. The Atlanta Sports Complex is designed to be state of the art and the premier destination facility for sporting and corporate events in the metro-Atlanta area.

In addition to ASC’s corporate and sports programming, the, ASC will house a sports medicine practice that will not only treat the traditional sports modalities, we will be expanding into a sports related generative health and performance excellence and enhancement model geared toward transforming health care delivery from a disease and illness based model to one of wellness, performance and life enhancement.